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The Department of Dermatology offers an all-inclusive advanced skin, hair, nails and related diseases diagnostics, care and treatment. The department has specialists experienced in services related to paediatric, surgical, medical and cosmetic dermatology. Dermatologists deal with various skin problems affecting men, women, children and infants. Facial skin problems such as acne, breakouts, and irregular pigmentation, to skin cancer checks, psoriasis and eczema are taken care of by the Dermatologist.

Medical Conditions and Treatment:

  • Elimination of Unwanted Body Hair – Body hair reduction process through laser is permanent and pain-free. Unwanted hair from all the body parts, from facial or bikini line to leg, arm, neck and back hair can be removed with perfection.

  • Skin Polishing – The top layer of the skin is removed and exfoliated with medicinal peels which result in clear skin and reduction of sun pigmentation, spots and scarring.

  • Anti-Ageing Treatments – Laser photo facials, botox, face-lift and thermage are used to make the skin look ageless.

  • Atopic Dermatitis – If the condition doesn’t respond to anti histamines, Phototherapy is used. The affected skin is carefully exposed to ultraviolet light to cure the disease.

  • Xerosis – Medicated moisturisers and topical steroids are prescribed by the Dermatologists for areas that get too inflamed and itchy.

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