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Internal Medicine

A specialist from the Internal Medicine Department provides the primary but comprehensive care to an out-patient and also to the ones who are suffering from a disease and are admitted for further care. An Internist or a General Physician is adept in dealing with all any medical problem that a patient brings, from the common cold to acute illnesses. These doctors are experienced in treating patients who are suffering from indistinguishable or multi-system diseases. It is a very important specialty of the hospital because it takes care of ambulatory and hospitalized patients and provides medical help to all other surgical and sub-specialties with their expansive vision and proficiency. Super-specialists depend on the valuable suggestions from the Internist starting from early diagnosis, daily care and continuous medical management of patients.



Medical Conditions and Treatment:

  • Preventive Health Check-up and Tests

  • Radiology

  • Common Cold

  • Fever

  • Body-aches

  • Causes of Malaise

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