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Billing & Payments

Accepted Modes of Payments

​Out-Patient Billing & Payments:

  • Regular Out-Patient Charges have to be paid at the Registration & Billing Desk prior to availing the consultation and / or service

  • For Insurance and Corporate Patients, necessary authorization to be done and filled in forms to be signed at the Cashless Desk

  • Payments can be made by Cash, Credit / Debt Cards and Mobile Money

  • Without payment authorization, services can not be availed. Patients are requested to follow the procedure related to billing and payments to avoid any inconvenience at the time of availing services

  • For patients being taken to the Emergency Department, payments can be made by the relatives / friends / accompanying individuals once the patient has been escorted to the Emergency Department. Necessary triage and first aid will be undertaken by the team on duty on an immediate basis, without any delay in view of payment authorization. However, post triage and first aid, services can be availed after due payment authorization has been done.

In-Patient Billing & Payments:

  • In-Patient Billing Department will be functional from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm except for emergency billing

  • Charges for in-patients admitted to the hospital will be based on the category of room selected

  • Statement of Accounts / Interim Bills will be provided on request from the Billing Desk of the hospital. The Patient Coordinator can be contacted for assist with the same.

  • International Patients will be charged as per international tariffs

  • Clearance for admission and operation theatre / procedure will be provided only after receipt of requested deposit or guarantee of payment from the insurance or corporate company

  • Discharge clearance will be provided only after settlement of all outstanding bills


: Uganda's 1st Private Sector Cardiac Cath Lab

: 1st Modular Operating Theatre Complex

: Largest Intensive Care Unit

: State-of-Art Dialysis Unit

: Comprehensive Radiology Department

Cash Payment

Credit Card / Debit Card Payment

Payment by Mobile Money

Payment Guarantee by Insurance / Corporate Companies (Empanelled)

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