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Board of Directors

Bhasker Kotecha
Bhasker Kotecha.jpg


Mr. Bhasker Kotecha is the Founder Chairman of Midland Group of Companies, a multi-million dollar conglomerate having its presence across Africa. The Midland Group of Companies has presence across industries, including but not limited to, electronics, dairy, real estate, education, foreign exchange, logistics and agriculture.

Dr. Anurag Shah

Managing Director

Dr. Anurag Shah.jpg

Dr. Anurag Shah, a 1st generation entrepreneur, is the Co-Founder and Chairman of UniHealth Group of Companies, a pan-Africa healthcare provider. He is also the Executive Committee Member of Indo-African Chamber of Commerce & Industries, a leading Trade Association promoting trade and businesses between Indian & African companies.

Dr. Chirag Kotecha


Dr. Chirag Kotecha.jpg

Dr. Chirag Kotecha, a Cosmetologist by practice, is a leading medical professional in Uganda. Born in Kenya, Dr. Kotecha graduated in Medicine from United Kingdom and relocated to Uganda. His passion to bring a positive change to the healthcare services of the country resulted in the establishment of Univic Medical Centres.

Dr. Akshay Parmar


Dr. Akshay Parmar.jpg

Dr. Akshay Parmar is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of UniHealth Group of Companies. Along with Dr. Anurag Shah, he has been at the forefront in ensuring rapid expansion of UMC Hospitals & Unihealth Medical Centres across Africa. An astute financial planner, he is in-charge of the financial management of the UniHealth Group. 

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